Define. Scale. Manage.

Define. Scale. Manage.

Provision your content to SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Package your solution for rapid deployment at scale. A completely automated deployment, easily maintained for optimal governance in SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.


Your current work scenarios, but automated

We capture the needs of your business, the processes of your work, and package them into an automated solution that can be re-deployed as often as you need.


Deploy 3rd-party ISV solutions or custom portals
Governance of software on top of SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams


One-step deployment to multiple sites or customers

Operate at the speed of business. Push sites into production as quickly as you need them.


Deployment automation - multiple sites in one step
Expedited delivery of content


Effortlessly manage updates, keeping your solution fresh

Future proof your solution with our service. Manage solution updates, bug fixes and update content as often as you want, creating an evergreen environment. Completely hassle-free.


Manage solution future updates / re-deployments
Monitoring and error tracking
Minutes to...
project workspace
learning portal
your portal
Minutes to
project workspace

Custom scenarios on SharePoint delivered at scale

Nokia EPDC creates a unique project workspace for every single customer, on demand. A unified communication channel based on a custom template is deployed over and over, using Automate365. Built-in access levels, consistency across all projects and bird’s eye views for management.


Nokia Networks connects project managers and clients across Europe and Africa.
Minutes to
learning portal

Deployment of 3rd-party ISV software

ISVs, like Storyals, can simplify the delivery of their products. Imagine your product, such as video-based training materials, in the hands of customers (and maintained fresh) in minutes. You control the content and the look. Mobile-ready and even branded for each client. No third-party licensing.


Customizable learning portal for Storyals clients. New materials delivered instantly.
Minutes to
managed service

A deployment solution that is created for you

Have you built a scenario or product for SharePoint, Office 365 or Microsoft Teams? Would you like to automatically provision it at scale for every single customer on demand? Automate365 is the Deployment as a Service (DaaS) solution built to support your business.

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How it works?

step 1

Project kick-off

We work with you to understand the nature of your business/product, workflows and problem areas, to offer a working solution.
step 2


Your solution is manually assembled into a custom, re-usable template that meets your needs and aligns your content to SharePoint, Office 365 or Microsoft Teams.
step 3

Deployment and Testing

During an iterative process, we deploy and test with user-generated content, testing scaling options, removing errors until the deployed solution perfectly matches your scenario.
step 4

Go live!

When it fits like a glove, the finished template is ready to be deployed at scale. Ready to be further customized, deployed and re-deployed as often as you want!

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