Don't settle by provisioning pre-configured templates. Automate the provisioning of your own solutions and scale your business with Automate365.
Deploy your ISV solutions or custom portals
Automate365 can convert any bespoke solution into a deployable template. Let your users automatically deploy your product starting today.
Governance for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
Simple to deploy, yet extremely powerful, take control over governance with Automate365.
Deployment automation - multiple sites in one step
Operate at the speed of business. Push sites into production as quickly as you need them.
Expedited delivery
of content
As your solution evolves, expedite delivering the latest content and features to your users, with automated updates.
Convert your product into an evergreen solution
Version after version, feature after feature, Automate365 will support your evolving business ensuring it is evergreen.
and error control
Drastically reduce errors, ensuring you have full control over the quality in every single deployment.


Bring the power of scale to your business. Grow your customer base, with consistent, automated, product deployment.
Deliver a better customer experience for far less
Meet the expectations of your users with rapid deployment
Drive user adoption with up to date and fresh content
Deployment governance - control every dependency
One step deployment to multiple sites
Reduce costs and development time

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